Hello my six-legged friends!
*wings flap*

I am Delias Eucharis, but you can just call me The Butterfly.

I stand within you today to address a grave issue that has been tormenting the insect kingdom for decades. For long have the Humans fed us with ill-made films full of irrational plots, exaggerated emotions, careless editing and weird subliminal messages that we simply can't wrap our heads around. These sorry excuses for art have taken over theatres, multiplexes, televisions, personal computers and even mobile phones! There is almost no screen left on which an insect can just sit and enjoy a truly good film!
*wings flap*

The majority of Humans have begun to treat films as simply entertainment. But tell me my fellow Hexapods is that so? Is the experience of watching a film limited only to the screen and the runtime?

Films are like nectar for the mind- some render us full; some leave us hungry for more; some give us indigestion; some are simply empty calories.

While we do enjoy the occasional intoxication we all know the importance of proper nourishment. Wholesome, nutritious films are getting harder and harder to find! Thus the Butterfly has taken it upon itself to probe films and lay out the ingredients in the open for you to examine. Unhygienic, noxious films will not go unnoticed anymore! Remember fellow Hexapods! We are tiny, but we are many; and we run the world!
*wings flap*

Members of the Insect kingdom rise! Read! Comment! Discuss! Debate! Engage in conversations! Let our voices be heard!
*roaring applause*





Now a note from my pet Human cum secretary for the other Humans visiting this site-

The Butterfly is an independent film blogger. It is not associated to any film site, magazine, production house, or friends.


The Butterfly likes to study about various subjects and topics and that is where its perspectives arise from.


The Butterfly is currently unemployed (I don't get paid. *sighs*) and would greatly appreciate job offers. If you wish to employ the Butterfly please contact me at arkowrites@gmail.com. Thank you.